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Take away

Line dedicated to the counter adjacent to the gastronomy with private label branded take-away products.
A wide choice of ready-to-eat dishes, environmentally friendly thanks to the recyclable pack that allows you to reduce the use of plastic.
Appetizers, first and second courses, and side dishes, practical and ready, to enjoy quality and freshness wherever you are.

Shelf life

10-20-30 days




Packed in a protective atmosphere


Single portion 200-300g​ Two portion 500g​

Take away Take away Take away
Take away


Delicious appetizers ready to be served to begin the meal with style.
Take away

First dishes

High quality first dishes ready in just few minutes.
Take away

Second dishes

Homemade-like second dishes but ready to be tasted.
Take away

Side dishes

Fresh side dishes to complete each course with taste.