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“A large-scale production that continues to dedicate just the right amount of time needed to every recipe.”

F. Roscio​

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The high quality of Roscio

Roscio’s high quality comes from afar.

Our products stand out from the beginning for freshness and high nutritional values, ​with excellent ready to eat meals inspired by the Italian cuisine and always realized with artisan love.

The carefully selected raw materials are processed by the skilled hands of our chefs, through gestures that are as simple as they are accurate.

The proprietary technology we have developed allows us to reconcile automation and gastronomic signature, without ever losing the unmistakable and genuine taste of our good and fresh dishes.


The brothers Giacomo and Angelo Roscio, after having studied and worked in qualified Milanese gastronomies, open together their first artisan workshop in Vidigulfo (PV).


The company expands and moves to the current factory, always under the guidance of the Roscio family.


Gastronomica Roscio expands and inaugurates a new cutting-edge production site in Europe in the ready meals industry.


A further step with the opening of a new production site exclusively dedicated to the private label, with three new production lines.


Roscio increasingly greener with the installation of the new photovoltaic system, one of the first to fully cover the factory.


The majority of the company gets acquired by Taste of Italy, an investment fund specialized in the agri-food sector, with the aim of giving life to a further phase of growth.


Roscio’s goal has always been to prepare ready-to-eat meals of the finest quality, with the same passion and craftmanship that had distinguished the company since its origin. Allowing everyone to save time without giving up taste and genuineness. This is why we offer safe, short-label products, originated from simple and fresh ingredients, in recipes as good as those made at home but already made.




Roscio, where innovation meets craftmanship.
Our highly technological lines automate some processes allowing us to produce at industrial rhythms while the competent and passionate hands of our chefs reproduce the simplest steps of each recipe. This is how Roscio has been aiming for excellence since 1961, starting by selecting only the best ingredients, passing through continuous checks and analysis to ensure authenticity and safety, up to the usage of the best technologies for an always efficient and certified production.


High technology
in a real kitchen

Technological lines, with high production capacity, allow us to meet the demands of the large industry, while guaranteeing the authenticity of traditional recipes.

The ingredients come together in a fully equipped and flexible kitchen, suitable for making complete preparations, including personalized ones, and always distinguished by a short and clean label.

Quality & Safety

A passionate
and continuous

A well-equipped microbiology laboratory inside the company, managed by six food technologists, performs accurate checks at every stage of production.

A strict and careful selection of suppliers, daily tests on raw materials, environmental controls, gustatory analysis, checks on finished products and on traceability, ensure every day the quality and safety of Roscio’s products.


Energy efficiency

Looking at the future

Sustainability has always been in Gastronomica Roscio’s DNA ever since the origin of the business, when the brothers Giacomo and Angelo delivered their specialties in the surroundings on their bicycles.

The love for the environment and Roscio’s great green vocation have allowed the company to use the renewable energy of an extensive photovoltaic system that covers a large part of the plant.

Our customers know this, and they have always rewarded Roscio also for its commitment and its energy efficiency.


80% of our production uses renewable energy.